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The Free Speech Movement

The struggle for free speech pits the individual right of expression against the group right to maintain order. This conflict has been a subject of inquiry for thinkers, jurists, and activists throughout history. Through essays, book excerpts, and legal opinions, this book traces the development of free speech as a social movement.

Critical praise from School Library Journal: A well-balanced exploration of the subject. Grouped into broad chapters such as “Philosophical Origins,” “Landmark Supreme Court Decisions,” and “Free Speech as a Social Movement,” the articles and essays are arranged to reflect the breadth and depth of the topic. Pieces from John Milton and John Stuart Mill are juxtaposed with more modern ones by Nat Hentoff and William Brennan, Jr. More recent contributors debate the merits of filters for the Internet or how speech is regulated on college campuses. Students looking for both the origins of the concept of free speech as well as its current benefits and conflicts will find what they need here.—Carol Fazioli, Gwynedd-Mercy College, Gwynedd Valley, PA

Critical praise from Children's Bookwatch: The Greenhaven "Contemporary Issues Companion" series of nonfiction discussions holds plenty of detailed arguments and discussions perfect independent study and highschool classroom curriculum enrichment. Bradley Steffens' The Free Speech Movement surveys the promise, limits and potentials of free speech, with articles discussing both civil rights and social liberties issues and the rights of states and regions to determine free speech issues.

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