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Throughout history, societies have placed limits on expression—from the trial of Socrates to Internet software filters. Does some speech go too far? If so, who decides where the limits should be? This book takes a balanced look at the sometimes difficult choices between individual and group rights.

Critical praise from Horn Book: A thought-provoking survey that includes historical background, legal perspectives, and contemporary social implications. The book excels at explaining paradoxes and often difficult distinctions between individual and group rights.—The Horn Book

Critical praise from Booklist. Using a historical approach, this discussion looks at basic principles of free speech and free press in relation to landmark cases. Steffens starts with the Ten Commandments and the U.S. Bill of Rights, and then takes the survey right up to the recent arguments about violence and obscenity in popular music. Whether dealing with racism or antiwar activity, he demonstrates the basic paradox that “freedom and censorship can—and must—coexist.”—Hazel Rochman

Critical praise from School Library Journal: This book introduces all aspects of its topic and leads students to additional sources for further information. Interestingly written chapters are short but comprehensive. Steffens presents a historical overview, then deals with rights in conflict; how time, place, and manner help to determine the exercise of free speech; and explores the issues of incitement, fighting works, obscenity, and compelling interest. Balanced introduction to a thought-provoking subject.—Marilyn Makowski, Greenwood High School, SC

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