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Down a white leap
From the steeps of Heaven
Flashed, scouring the sky
With tail-whips of fire-grit
And slashing a copse of pines.

I was drawn to that wood. It was as if
My mother called or my lover spoke.
And there amidst a smelter-scent
And forge smoke,
A Sword Horse stood, Her smoldering gaze
Soldered to mine.

"Lesser prophet," the Sword Horse sang,
"Wander till you find
My kin on earth,
My hidden kin,
Equally divine."

Then as my breast was about to burst,
I broke from the blazing wood.
Turning, I watched the trees collapse
Over the spot where the Horse had stood.

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"The Sword Horse" is featured on the CD The Horsewatcher's Songs by composer Eugene E. Lassek.
The Horsewatcher's Songs also is available in sheet music for SATB and narrator

Copyright © 2007 by Bradley Steffens

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